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Shoreline Solutions

In the face of climate change and sea level rise related erosion, Maui Nui Resiliency Hui (MNRH) is dedicated to both safeguarding and enhancing public access to the breathtaking coastal shoreline areas of Maui County. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty and serenity of our ocean, fostering a deep connection between our community and the natural environment.


Our Commitment to Shoreline Preservation:

At MNRH, we recognize the vital importance of maintaining our natural coastline, especially as private beachfront development and shoreline hardening encroach on these precious areas. We are devoted to researching, advocating, and collaborating to preserve these areas for current and future generations.


Research & Preservation

Maui Nui Resiliency Hui is actively engaged in research and documentation. We're compiling a comprehensive historical inventory of shoreline access points across the County of Maui, encompassing Maui, Molokai, and Lanai. This detailed record ensures that historically established access points are safeguarded, preserving the people's connection to the ocean.

Advocacy & Legislation

We don't just document history; we help shape it. Maui Nui Resiliency Hui drafts policies and advocates for legislative proposals that expand the protections of our shoreline areas. By working within the legal framework, we aim to secure increased opportunities for the community to experience and enjoy the ocean's beauty, for generations to come.


Access = Inclusion

Maui Nui Resiliency Hui is committed to making shoreline access inclusive. We collaborate closely with local officials to ensure that access points are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), promoting an equitable experience for all. Our efforts extend beyond compliance, focusing on culturally sensitive and environmentally appropriate solutions.

Adapting to Climate Change

As stewards of the ocean, we acknowledge the challenges posed by climate change, sea level rise, and coastal erosion. MNRH collaborates with public and private landowners to develop community-based responses. Through thoughtful planning and restoration projects, we ensure that access remains resilient and sustainable in the face of environmental shifts.

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Community Engagement:

Engaging the community is at the heart of our mission. MNRH organizes public outreach campaigns and leverages social media to educate the public about existing shoreline access rights. By raising awareness, we empower individuals to actively participate in preserving these cherished areas.

Hands on Restoration

Our commitment goes beyond words. MNRH takes practical action through community beach cleanups, native plantings, and dune restoration projects. By rolling up our sleeves and working together, we contribute to the physical restoration of our shoreline, enhancing its beauty and accessibility.

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District Advisory Working Groups

MNRH forms and facilitates district advisory working groups, bringing together local stakeholders to collaboratively plan and implement restoration projects. These groups serve as platforms for community engagement, ensuring that restoration efforts align with the unique needs and aspirations of each district.

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