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Agriculture &
Food Security

Maui Nui Resiliency Hui (MNRH) is committed to cultivating a robust local food system that ensures fresh, nutritious sustenance for all Maui residents. Our focus on low-income and underserved communities is central to our mission, as we strive to create equitable access to wholesome food and enhance food security throughout the region.

Our Commitment to Agriculture and Food Security:

MNRH recognizes the significance of local food initiatives in guaranteeing a steady supply of nourishing meals for Maui's diverse population. Our primary objective is to educate both food producers and the wider public about community-driven agricultural programs. We are dedicated to fostering awareness and inclusion, ensuring that opportunities for participation are accessible to all, especially those in low-income and underserved communities.


Empowering through Education

Education forms the cornerstone of our efforts. Maui Nui Resiliency Hui is dedicated to empowering food producers and the community at large with knowledge about local agricultural initiatives. By sharing insights, expertise, and best practices, we equip both producers and consumers to contribute to a thriving local food system.

Advisory Groups for Local Food Initiatives

Maui Nui Resiliency Hui actively facilitates advisory groups that champion local food initiatives, focusing on rural and food-insecure areas. By bringing together experts, advocates, and community members, we collaboratively develop strategies that strengthen support networks and drive impactful change.


Supporting Local Food Producers & Consumer Needs

We assist local food producers in understanding and fulfilling community consumer needs. Our aim is to bridge the gap between producers and consumers, fostering a harmonious relationship that contributes to sustainable food production and community well-being.

Policy Advocacy for Food Security

Maui Nui Resicilency Hui engages in meticulous research of laws pertaining to agriculturally based small businesses that bolster local communities. We actively draft policies that facilitate operations and elevate food security efforts. Through legislative advocacy, we strive to create an enabling environment for increased local food production.


Community Engagement

Active participation is key to our success. Maui Nui Resiliency Hui attends community meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars to promote educational growth within the agricultural sector. Through social media campaigns, we will educate the public and small local farming operations about food security challenges faced by low-income groups.

Your Role in Strengthening Food Security:

As a valuable member of our community, your involvement is crucial in fostering a resilient and food-secure future for Maui County. Join us in our mission by connecting with us or following our social media channels. Stay updated on our agricultural and food security initiatives, workshops, and opportunities for active participation. Together, we can cultivate a healthier, more sustainable future that benefits every individual and community in Maui County.

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