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Maui Nui
Resiliency Hui

What We Do

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Affordable Housing 

MNRH is committed to creating a more resilient and equitable future for Maui County by focusing on affordable housing solutions that empower our community members. Our mission is to collaborate, educate, and advocate for housing opportunities that cater to the diverse needs of our residents.

Shoreline Solutions

MNRH is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing public access to the breathtaking coastal shoreline areas of Maui County. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty and serenity of our ocean, fostering a deep connection between our community and the natural environment.

Food Security

MNRH is committed to cultivating a robust local food system that ensures fresh, nutritious sustenance for all Maui residents. Our focus on low-income and underserved communities is central to our mission, as we strive to create equitable access to wholesome food and enhance food security throughout the region.

Advocates for Resilience & Community Empowerment

Maui Nui Resiliency Hui (MNRH) brings a dynamic blend of expertise, passion, and community spirit to the forefront. With a shared commitment to building a resilient future for Maui County, our diverse team unites advocacy, education, and collaboration. From affordable housing and shoreline access to food security, our team and board are advocates for positive change, striving to ensure equitable opportunities for all residents. With a deep understanding of the challenges our community faces, we leverage our collective talents to draft policies, collaborate with stakeholders, engage in grassroots efforts, and promote awareness through social media campaigns. Together, we're steering the course toward a future where resilience, unity, and well-being can thrive in every corner of Maui Nui.

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